Dewi Perssik is called the Pansos because she still brings up the shame of her ex-husband, Saipul Jamil gives this firm message

Jakarta – The heated feud between dangdut singer Dewi Perssik and her ex-husband Saipul Jamil seems to be heating up after Dewi calls one of her husbands gay.

The impact of this was that many netizens cornered Saipul Jamil, giving this response. Immediately scroll the article!

It’s called Pansos in LOVE

Photo : in LOVE

Sworddut Dewi Murya Agung or better known as Dewi Perssik again clashed with Saipul Jamil, because one of Dewi’s statements was considered to be made for Bang Ipul.

This suddenly made Saipul Jamil’s heart ache, because the woman who had become his legal wife allegedly said that Saipul was partially gay. Even though they didn’t mention names, many netizens pointed to Saipul Jamil and Dewi being called the social committee.

Expressing his frustration via live TikTok, Saipul Jamil strictly forbade Dewi Perssik to keep touching her three ex-husbands just to raise her name.

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