Dewi Perssik had an argument with the head of the RT over a sacrificial cow, Aldi Taher: Be gentle

Jakarta – Recently, there was an uproar about Dewi Persik pulling back her sacrificial cow from the mosque near her house. Currently, either Dewi Perssik or the local RT head, are sharing different statements with the public. According to Dewi Perssik, she only intended to leave her sacrificial cow in the mosque and be slaughtered elsewhere, but the RT head ordered her to pay hundreds of millions. From the head of the RT, he did not ask for a penny.

In the midst of the dispute, Aldi Taher joined the defense of his ex-wife. Here’s more!

Aldi Taher defends Dewi Persik

Aldi Taher is indeed known as a celebrity in the country who often mentions the name Dewi Perssik. Especially when it went viral, Aldi Taher seemed to be a hero for Dewi Perssik.

This time, through his personal Instagram account, Aldi Taher defended his ex-wife. He said that the RT head should not be rude to women and regretted the other rude behavior.

“Bismillah Majesty the Apostle ordered your mother your mother your mother. Be gentle with women, where we were born,” said Aldi Taher in uploading his personal Instagram account.

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