Devano Danendra and Megan Domani Will Film in Italy, This Is the Place They Want to Visit

Jakarta – Viu Original has released a new Indonesian drama that will accompany your days in a series titled Bad Boys vs Crazy Girls 2. This is the second season of the series after the first was successfully watched up to 15 million times.

The plan is for the shooting location for the Bad Boys vs Crazy Girls 2 series to be held in Milan, Italy. As the main characters, Devano Danendra and Megan Domani will fly to the Pizza Country. So what will they do while in Italy? Curious? Let’s take a peek!

Things to Do While Filming in Italy

Intipseleb/Tiya Sukmawati

Photo: Intipseleb/Tiya Sukmawati

Devano Danendra and Megan Domani will be shooting in Milan for a week. Both of them also admitted that they could not wait to fly to Italy.

“If Kate is a fashion designer, her going to Milan is really exciting, I can’t wait to shoot in Milan. I really care about the fashion world there,” said Megan Domani to the media crew in the Cibubur area, East Jakarta, Thursday, July 20 2023.

The owner’s full name, Megan Anita Domani, revealed the activities she wanted to visit. Investigate a calibaration, this 20-year-old woman wants to try the best pizza in Rome.

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