Desta Nervous Recalls the Moment He First Met Gisel, Netizen: Botuna Brush Pak

Jakarta – Deddy Mahendra Desta alias Desta is known to have dated singer Gisella Anastasia. However, after breaking up, the two of them are still on very good terms even though they are both married to their respective partners.

Recently, the two of them were reunited and Desta recalled how he first met Gisel. Let’s see the story!

The Beginning of Desta and Gisel’s Meeting

Gisella Anastasia

Desta and Gisel dated in 2009 and broke up in early 2010. At that time, Gisel was a generation of Indonesian Idol dropouts after Judika. And apparently, Judika played a role in the introduction of Desta and Gisel.

“How was the first acquaintance?” asked Vincent to Desta on YouTube Vindes, Monday, 3 July 2023.

With an attitude that looked shy and awkward, Desta explained the story of their initial introduction.

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