Denying All Accusations of Gay from Meylisa Zaara, RK Atok Calls Men’s Missing Words Normal


Jakarta – RK Atok, Meylisa Zaara’s husband finally appeared and gave his clarification to Doctor Richard Lee. He denied accusations about himself being gay or gay.

Not only that, he also said that the words of men missing him were normal. Like what? Take a peek in full below.

Deny All Accusations

Previously, a celebgram from Tulungagung, Meylisa Zaara, admitted to Doctor Richard Lee that her husband had affairs with many men.

She even caught her husband checking in with a man shortly after the two were married. At that time, Meylisa Zaara’s husband and his male lover were choosing a hotel together.

However, Meylisa Zaara’s husband, RK Atok finally appeared and also gave his clarification on Richard Lee’s YouTube. He denied accusations that he was gay or gay.

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