Denying accusations of being gay, RK Atok is now starting to dare to open an endorsement


Jakarta – RK Atok has appeared to the public by making clarifications on Dr Richard Lee’s YouTube account. In his clarification, Rizka Khoirul Atok denied accusations of being a gay lover, as revealed by Meylisa Zaara.

After clarifying by avoiding Meylisa Zaara’s accusations, RK Atok did something through his Instagram. What’s that? Take a peek at the article!

Instagram/rk. atok

Photo : Instagram/rk.atok

RK Atok started moving on social media after daring to provide clarification. Now, his Instagram is public after being private when Meylisa Zaara accused him of being gay and committing domestic violence (KDRT).

Not only has his Instagram gone public, RK Atok has also started to be active on his Instagram Story. It’s just that RK Atok opened an endorsement. He is seen posting endorsements that offer services to increase followers on Instagram.

However, RK Atok still turned off the comment column for all of his Instagram posts. Finally, RK Atok uploaded a photo while in Singapore on 10 June 2023. There has been no more activity on his Instagram feed.

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