Denny Caknan’s reply to comments from Happy Asmara


Jakarta – Denny Caknan is officially married and uploads his happy moments. You can see the figure of Happy Asmara who also commented on the post.

Then, Denny Caknan replied to Happy Asmara’s comments. Like what? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

Denny Caknan Remi Married

Denny Caknan

Denny Caknan uploaded happy married moments on his social media accounts. There are six photos showing the consent procession and he also expresses his happiness.

“Again, Bar. LEGO. Thank you, thank you, and thank you for your prayers. Kulo is touched, excited, so happy. Kobul’s consent has been implemented. Kalih family and relatives.,” wrote Denny Caknan.

Not only that, Denny Caknan also revealed that he would soon hold a reception in the coming month. Meanwhile, Denny Caknan’s post was full of comments from artists, relatives and fans.

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