Denies the confusion of being abandoned by marriage, Happy Asmara is suspected of being sarcastic about Denny Caknan: The more hurt, the more beautiful

Jakarta – Happy Asmara was highlighted again after one of her videos went viral. In the video, he denies the accusation that he is upset because he is left to marry Denny Caknan.

Happy Asmara was also suspected of satirizing Denny Caknan and alluding to being hurt. Like what?

Happy Asmara Allegedly Hard Satire Denny Caknan


Photo : Instagram/lambegosiip

Previously, Happy Asmara made uploads with a feeling of confusion and released a sad song at the moment of Denny Caknan and Bella Bonita’s wedding.

Allegedly feeling sad and disappointed to be left married by his ex-girlfriend, Happy Asmara seemed to deny the accusation that he was upset through a video.

The video is actually a promotion for a beauty clinic that hooked Happy Asmara. However, the words spoken by the singer of the song Rungkad allegedly satirized Denny Caknan.

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