Delva Irawan Gives Happy Asmara Birthday Surprise, Netter: Ask Halalin Immediately

Jakarta – The Happy Asmara singer is in full bloom because he just celebrated his special birthday moment with great joy.

Given a birthday surprise by Delva Irawan, the singer of the song ‘Rungkad’ was given a special wish and prayer. Curious? let’s take a peek at the article!

Birthday Surprise

After being married off by her ex-boyfriend, Happy Asmara looked very happy when she was given a special surprise by her family and those closest to her on July 10, 2023.

Through uploading Gresby Delva Irawan’s Instagram account, the man who was rumored to be close to Happy Asmara, looks happy while hugging Delva.

Happy Birthday Long live healthy always add to be a great and strong woman again,” wrote Delva Irawan, reported Monday, July 10, 2023.

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