Daniel Mananta Learns Al-Quran, Quraish Shihab: That’s Good


Jakarta – Daniel Mananta once admitted that he read and studied the Koran. This statement was expressed in a podcast to Quraish Shihab who is an Islamic religious leader.

Hearing this, Najwa Shihab’s father even praised Daniel Mananta. Come on, take a peek at the full article.

Confession of Learning Al-Quran

It was not without reason that Daniel revealed this to Quraish Shihab. The reason is, Daniel was curious about the reasons for Quraish Shihab who claimed to read the Bible.

Quraish Shihab also explained that there is no prohibition for someone to read the holy books of other religions. However, Quraish continued to emphasize that the respective religious scriptures they believed in had to remain a priority.

It was then that Daniel said he had read the Koran in English translation. Daniel also admitted that he had read half of the contents of the holy book Al-Quran

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