Dahyun TWICE Surprised When Items Are Thrown On Stage, Auto Fans Are Angry


South Korea – The action of throwing gifts at idols is often carried out by the audience. This time, the target was TWICE’s Dahyun.

He was thrown an item when performing the ‘READY TO BE’ concert. How did TWICE’s Dahyun react? Read more below.

Dahyun TWICE Thrown Stuff

Some time ago, the girl group TWICE appeared in Chicago on a series of North American tours entitled ‘Ready To Be’. Dahyun TWICE’s video footage during the tour went viral,

In the video, Dahyun TWICE took time to interact with fans during the tour. However, when interacting, the idol was instead pelted with items by fans that hit Dahyun’s waist. He often looks shocked.

“Reminder not to throw things at the members on stage,” tuthe dahyun_support account list was launched on July 2, 2023.

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