Daebak! Jungkook BTS Grabs No.1 Hot 100 Billboard For His Solo Debut


South Korea – Jungkook BTS reached the top of Billboard’s ‘Hot 100’ with his first solo single titled ‘Seven’. It is known that his first solo song debut drew a lot of attention to fans around the world.

So, what is the ranking of Jungkook BTS on Billboard? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

Jungkook’s ranking on Billboard

According to the latest US Billboard chart (July 29) announced on July 24 (local time), Jungkook BTS’s solo single entitled ‘Seven’ occupied the first position.

It is known that the maknae of BTS released his solo single on July 14 and topped the main single chart ‘Hot 100’. With this, Jungkook became the second Korean singer to occupy the top spot with a solo song, following another BTS member, Jimin.

In addition, since the ‘Hot 100’ chart began in 1958, the song ‘Seven’ was listed as the 68th song to immediately become number one upon entering the chart.

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