Confused by Denny Caknan’s marriage, Happy Asmara releases the song Goodbye Love


Jakarta – Denny Caknan on July 7 2023 officially became the husband of Bella Bonita. Right on the wedding day, Happy Asmara released a song entitled ‘Goodbye Love’.

So, what is the complete information like? Come on, take a peek below!

Release the song Goodbye Love

Singer Denny Caknan today officially married his girlfriend, Bella Bonita. The wedding was held privately at a hotel in Madiun.

For information, the relationship between Denny Caknan and Bella Bonita has not been known to the public for a long time. In fact, both of them decided to go public since the D-2 of the wedding.

Right on Denny Caknan’s wedding day, Happy Asmara also released a new song entitled ‘Goodbye Love’.

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