Confused about the contents of Boris Bokir’s message to Habib Jafar, Netter: New Year, New Religion?

Jakarta – Komika Boris Bokir has again made the public excited, because the news of his divorce was never heard by the public.

Friends with Habib Jafar, is it true that Boris Bokir is determined to convert to Islam in the new year? Let’s take a peek at the following article.

Message Boris Bokir

The owner’s real name is Boris Thompson Manullang or better known as Boris Bokir seems to be increasingly familiar with Habib Jafar and often uses Islamic religious attributes such as caps, koko shirts and turbans.

Even in commemoration of the Islamic New Year yesterday, the 35-year-old comic was involved in sending a message to Habib Jafar to make the public agitated. In the message, Boris seemed to want to call habib because of an important chat.

Bib, can you call or not?” the contents of Boris Bokir’s WhatsApp message to Habib Jafar, quoted from the post @husein_hadarFriday, July 21, 2023.

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