Confirmation! Jung Min Joo Starring in the Movie ‘Where Do You Want to Go’

South Korea – South Korean teenage actress, Jung Min Joo, is rumored to be bringing a new character to life in the latest film titled Where Do You Want to Go.

In this film, Jung Min Joo will play Jieun, who suffers after the death of her younger brother Jiyong. So how is the information? Come on, check below.

Jung Min Joo Main Film Where Do You Want to Go
Jung min joon

According to Fn News on Thursday 29 June 2023, the film Where Do You Want To Go, which will be released on 5 July 2023, is set in Gwangju and Warsaw, Poland.

This film tells the story of Myongji who suddenly lost her husband, Jieun who lost her sister in an accident, and Hae-soo who broke up with her best friend. This film captures the comforting process of understanding and healing the loss of a loved one.

In the work, Jung Min Joo will play Jieun, who suffers from a sense of loss after the death of her younger brother, Jiyong. Jieun is a character who has lost her will to live after losing her only family member.

In addition, Jung Min Joo is expected to add tension to the story by subtly expressing the various emotions felt by the characters in dramatic situations. Lim Chae Hong as CEO of Actor & Learning EnM asks for support and interest in the actress.

“Jung Min Joo has good quality and potential as an actress. As each of her works attracts attention with her outstanding acting skills, I ask for your continued support and interest in her,” said Lim Chae Hong reported by IntipSeleb from Fn News on Thursday 29 June 2023.

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