Collaborating with 3 Besties, Mayangsari is Ready to Hold My Era’s Music Legend Concert, Save the Date!


Jakarta – Senior singer Mayangsari acted as a promoter as well as the originator of the idea of ​​holding a spectacular concert with three other friends who were senior singers.

As proof of the solidarity of their close friendship for almost 30 years, Bambang Trihatmodjo’s wife is ready to hold my Era’ku Music Legend Concert. Curious? Let’s see when it will be implemented!

My Era’s Music Legend Concert

PeepSeleb/ April

Photo: PeepSeleb/ April

Mayangsari officially profited from its 3 besties namely Ita Purnamasari, Atiek CB and Ronnie Sianturi to unite to enliven the music of the 90s era which still exists today and is still in great demand by its fans.

Starting from the four of them often chatting and exchanging stories, Mayangsari was determined to invite his three friends to join the Era’ku Music Legend Concert which will be held on Saturday, August 5, 2023 at Balai Sarbini.

“Our idea to hold a concert on August 5 was originally from our frequent conversations. Previously there was Nicky Astria too. Incidentally, I myself have a KSH Entertainment production,” said Mayangsari when met by iCan Studio Live Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, Tuesday, July 25 2023.

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