Coki Pardede Hina The Story of Prophet Ibrahim Worst Prank on Earth, Lady Nayoan Steadfast Wants Divorce

Jakarta – Always presenting the latest information from Indonesian, Western, Korean to Asian artists, especially if you’re not IntipSeleb. On Monday, July 3, 2023, there were several articles that attracted more attention from readers.

Starting from Coki Pardede’s content, again flicking the story of the Prophet Ibrahim as the worst prank on earth, to Lady Nayoan insisting on filing a divorce suit. Then, what other articles were trending on IntipSeleb on Monday, July 3, 2023 yesterday? Let’s explore one by one!

Back to content with religious content, Coki Pardede calls the story of the Prophet Ibrahim the Worst Prank on Earth

Coki Pardede

Coki Pardede again caused a public outcry, after his statement was circulated which was considered to be off the mark and considered to have insulted Islam.

The reason is, when asked about the worst prank on earth, the comic with a myriad of controversies gave a shocking answer. Curious? Scroll through the following articles!

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