Claiming to have an ex similar to Jefri Nichol, Lina Mukherjee: If Jefri I don’t set rates


Jakarta – Lina Mukherjee again reaped blasphemy from netizens after admitting that she had an ex-boyfriend like Jefri Nichol. In addition, he bluntly said that he would not charge a fee if the man he was dealing with was Jefri Nichol.

Suddenly, his statement returned to gossip netizens. Like what?

Call Not Setting Tariffs for Jefri Nichol

Lina Mukherjee’s admission that she would not set rates for Jefri Nichol started with a TikTok content creator who asked about choosing Jefri Nichol or Chicco Jerikho.

“Is this (Chicco Jerikho) or this (Jefri Nichol)?” asked the TikTok content creator, quoted from Lina Mukherjee’s personal Instagram, Friday, June 6, 2023.

Then, Lina Mukherjee showed a picture when she hugged Jefri Nichol in a shopping center. In the picture, Lina Mukherjee looks awkward when Jefri Nichol hugs her back.

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