Claiming to be proposed by a Caucasian man, Lucinta Luna refuses to be asked for 10 rounds

Jakarta – Celebrity Lucinta Luna frankly admits that she has been proposed to by Caucasian men a few weeks ago. Not only that, the 34-year-old transgender admitted that he refused when asked by his lover for 10 rounds.

Even in front of Natasha Wilona, ​​Lucinta Luna said that she had not moved on. Curious? Come on, take a peek at the following article!

Reject Invited 10 Rounds

YouTube/iWill Network

Photo: YouTube/iWill Network

Changing her appearance to be like a real woman so that she is willing to operate on hundreds of millions, Lucinta Luna also chooses to change her gender to become a transgender.

In fact, many times, Lucinta Luna also chooses to date handsome Caucasians. Having shown off his new lover, Nikita Mirzani’s friend admitted that he had been proposed.

The second meeting in Indonesia suddenly shocked Lucinta Luna because her lover forced her to ask for 10 rounds and was refused by Lucinta.

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