Cinderella – EXO Song Lyrics Complete with Translation

South Korea – EXO comeback with EXIST’s 7th full album on July 10, 2023, with a total of 9 tracklists.

One of the songs contained in the EXIST album is titled Cinderella, a magnificent pop synth song and Chen EXO’s favorite song on the EXIST album. Let’s take a peek at EXO’s Cinderella song lyrics, complete with their meanings, through the review below.

Cinderella – EXO Lyrics


Meomchwobeorin neowa naui sigyechu
Siseon neomeo hwaryeohaejin City view
Geojitcheoreom neoreul jaechokaneun mun
Challa kkeunkyeobeorin chum, oh-woah-woah

Sigyen beolsseo yeoldu sine (Late)
Mideul suga eopge
Morachineun sigan ape (No way)
Geu nugudo makji mothae

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