Chronology of Melly Goeslaw’s Photo Captured Without Permission Leads to a Subpoena

Jakarta – Indonesian singer Melly Goeslaw and doctor Peter Ian Limas have sent a subpoena to social media accounts using their photos and videos without permission. This was uploaded via their personal Instagram.

This was also confirmed by their attorney, Ina Rachman. Take a peek at the full information below.

Melly Goeslaw knows from a friend


Photo : Instagram/melly_goeslaw

Initially, Melly knew that her photos and videos were being used without permission through a friend. Her friends sent messages and asked the woman who sings the song “When Love Is Glorious”.

“Tea Melly at that time was DMed by her friends, ‘Melly, is this your video, huh’? Oh, are you skinny using this drug? That’s what was asked. But after a while, tea Melly, ‘No, really, no’,” said Ina Rachman when met by media crew in the Jagakarsa area, South Jakarta, on Wednesday, July 19, 2023.

“The model for Melly’s tea and doctor Peter in the ad called a nutritionist was a big mistake. Doctor Peter is a surgeon, especially bariatrics,” he continued.

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