Chicco Jerikho’s Healthy Tips for People with Busy Busyness

Jakarta – Now not only busy in the world of acting, Chicco Jerikho is now starting to venture into the business world by opening a fitness center in the South Jakarta area. This busy life, apparently did not make him forget about his physical health.

Princess Marino’s husband has his own way of keeping his body healthy in the midst of a busy schedule. Take a peek at the full information below.

Maintaining Health in the Midst of Busy Busyness

Chicco Jerikho

According to Chicco, one of the ways to maintain health in the midst of many activities is to exercise regularly. In addition, adequate rest and consuming healthy food are also considered important for body health.

“Yes, of course, a healthy life is a must balance really, not only exercise, but how do we manage what we eat, meaning nutrition, rest, “said Chicco.

For Chicco, sport is not only recommended for professional athletes. Everyone should exercise regularly.

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