Checking In to a Hotel with Another Man, Meylisa Zaara’s Husband Claims He Wants Healing

Jakarta – Meylisa Zaara previously revealed about the behavior of her husband who was having an affair with another man, even committing domestic violence (domestic violence) after being caught. Most recently, the celebrity from Tulungagung mentioned that her husband often checks into hotels with other men.

Rizka Khoirul Atok or RK Atok admitted to exposing his reasons for wanting to heal when he was caught. Let’s take a peek at Meylisa Zaara’s full confession.

Check In with Another Man


Photo : Tiktok/meylisazaara27

Meylisa Zaara revealed that she often caught her husband chatting with different men. In fact, he also mentioned that Rizka Khoirul Atok had been caught checking in on the 3rd day of Eid.

She also mentioned that the man who was invited to check in by her husband was strong and handsome. According to Meylisaa, she can’t compete with him.

“It’s different (men). The worst thing is Eid (day) three. He checked in, I read the chats, they were the same again,” said Meylisa Zaara, quoted from Deddy Corbuzier’s YouTube channel on July 16, 2023.

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