Chaotic! Meylisa Zaara Got Domestic Violence in Front of a Man Who Chats with Her Husband, Stops When Called Intimate

Java East – Celebgram Meylisa Zaara reveals the actions made by her husband, Rizka Khoirul Atok in the Deddy Corbuzier podcast.

It turned out that the domestic violence (domestic violence) committed by Meylisa Zaara’s husband was carried out in a car where there was also a man who was chatting intimately with her husband. What’s the story like? Let’s take a peek in full below.

domestic violence


Photo: Youtube/deddycorbuzier

The celebgram from Tulungagung told Deddy Corbuzier about the acts of domestic violence committed by her husband.

At that time, she caught her husband’s intimate chat with a man who turned out to be a witness to their marriage. He confronted the chat to the two in the car.

Not receiving an answer, Meylisa Zaara intended to get out of the car when the light was red. But Meylisa Zaara’s husband got angry and beat her.

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