Celebrity Meylisa Zaara dismantles the nature of her husband, from intimate chats, everything from men to contrived sex


East Java – Celebgram Meylisa Zaara reveals the character of her husband who is now suspected of being gay or same-sex enthusiast. He revealed this on Deddy Corbuzier’s YouTube podcast.

The discovery shocked the celebrity from Tulungagung. Anything? Take a peek in full below.

Intimate Chat from Men

Celebgram Meylisa Zaara told Deddy Corbuzier that she did not have the slightest suspicion about her husband’s abnormality, which was suspected of being gay or gay. He was not even affected when he was warned by his friends and even gave evidence of intimate chats with Meylisa Zaara’s husband, Rizka Khoirul Atok, to men.

However, she finally found out about this when she was curious to see the contents of her husband’s message. Unexpectedly, Meylisa Zaara’s husband’s cellphone was filled with intimate chats from men.

“At first, I wasn’t suspicious. It’s like I want to open my cellphone, there’s a whisper like that. Then while he was taking a shower, I checked his cellphone, it was crazy that no girls were chatting with him. The contents (all boys) are like ‘Honey, I miss you,’” said Meylisa Zaara, laughing while holding back sadness, quoted from YouTube Deddy Corbuzier, Saturday, July 15, 2023.

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