Calling All of Amanda’s Testimony Untrue, Judge Reprimands Mario Dandy


Jakarta – Chief Judge Alimin Ribut Sujono was heard reprimanding Mario Dandy in the middle of the trial after Anastasia Pretya Amanda gave testimony. Initially, the judge asked for Mario’s response after his ex-girlfriend gave testimony.

However, Mario Dandy’s statement turned out to make the judge highlight it. Check out the full review below.

Mario Dandy Reprimanded by Judge

Mario Danny

Mario Dandy said he considered all of Amanda’s testimony to be untrue.

“Then, from the testimony of this witness, is there anything that is not true?” asked Hakim Alimin to Mario Dandy at the South Jakarta District Court on Tuesday, 4 July 2023.

“There is Your Honor, everything is (not true),” replied Mario Dandy.

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