Called the wrong partner, Citra Kirana: I’m so happy!

Jakarta – The twists and turns of Cinta Kirana’s household life with Rezky Aditya seem to be being hit by strong winds, after the appearance of Wenny Ariani, a woman who is said to have a child from Rezky.

Many regretted and made negative comments so that they said Citra Kirana had chosen the wrong partner, the mother of one child actually answered firmly. Curious? Scroll through the following articles!

Called Wrong Choose Partner

Kiran's image

The couple, who got married in December 2019, recently experienced bitter things in their household life after news circulated about Rezky Aditya, who apparently already had a child from another woman.

The figures of Wenny Ariani and Kekey were predicted to be Rezky Aditya’s past, who won at the Supreme Court and declared Rezky to be Kekey’s biological father. As a result of this, many netizens took part in highlighting Ciki’s fate, and were considered unlucky to the point where they were called the wrong husband.

However, the 29-year-old woman patiently and firmly admits that she is very happy with her marriage and small family now.

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