Cai Xukun Allegedly Blacklisted and Blacklisted in China After Denying Being Pregnant with 4 Women & Forced Abortion

China – Singer Cai Xukun recently appeared in public and denied allegations that he impregnated 4 women and forced abortions. He also describes his journey to know his victims.

However, the case of Lisa BLACKPINK’s colleague has shocked China and is even suspected of being blacklisted. Like what? Scroll through the article below.

Denies Pregnancy of 4 Women and Forced Abortion

Cai Xukun

Previously, a SWIN member was accused of impregnating a one-night stand with his fan and then asking her to have an abortion with a woman with the initial C. Not only C, he was also reported to have previously impregnated 3 other women.

Having remained silent after the rumors spread, the singer who was once a Youth With You 2020 judge finally opened up. He denied the accusations.

“Hello everyone, this is Cai Xukun. Recently, a lot of information about me has been circulating on social media, and I would like to apologize for taking up your time. 2 years ago, I got involved with C while still single. We have been working out our personal issues since 2021, and since then have no issues with each other anymore.” said Cai Xukun, quoted from KBIZoom, Tuesday, July 4, 2023.

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