Busy work is Lady Nayoan’s reason when children ask about Rendy Kjaernett’s whereabouts

Bekasi– Even though they are in the process of divorce, Lady Nayoan and Rendy Kjaernett remain compact regarding children’s affairs. Both do not want their children to lose a parental figure.

When the children started asking about their father, Lady Nayoan had an answer of her own. Let’s take a peek at Lady Nayoan’s answer.

Reason to Child

Peep Celebrity / Wahyu Firmansyah

Photo: IntipSeleb/ Wahyu Firmansyah

Lady Nayoan explained her reasons when the children started asking about her father, Rendy Kjaernett. What’s more now the two are rarely seen together.

“Yes, there were children who asked because I had a staycation, but we weren’t together, ‘why do we have separate holidays’ if the weekend with his father was on different days with me,” said Lady Nayoan after a hearing at the Bekasi District Court, Tuesday, 18 July 2023.

Lady Nayoan also said that her busy work was the reason she told her children when they asked about Rendy Kjaernett.

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