Breaking News! Ivan Gunawan Conveys Sad News

Jakarta – Designer and artist Ivan Gunawan brings sad news. One of the figures who are known to have contributed to him died.

This sad news was conveyed by Ivan Gunawan via his upload on his personal social media account. Take a peek at the full review below!

Ivan Gunawan

Reporting from his personal Instagram account, Ivan Gunawan uploaded a portrait with Muhammad Wahyu Adriansyah Zainal. Investigate a calibaration, the deceased was the best team while working at the Dunia Mega Bintang Foundation owned by the famous designer.

Today I again lost my best team @wahyuzainal. He is the one who always accompanies me in working on the creative process, from making clothes to making concepts at @yayasanduniamega bintang. Farewell Yun.. take care of my boutique in heaven, yeah” wrote Ivan Gunawan quoted by Intipseleb on Sunday, July 9, 2023.

Meanwhile, via his personal Instagram Story, Ivan Gunawan provided information that Muhammad Wahyu Adriansyah Zainal died on Sunday, July 9 2023 at 06.26 WITA.

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