BREAKING: Haechan NCT Taken to Hospital, Cancel Appearance on Inkigayo


South Korea – NCT Dream’s Haechan announced to be absent from SBS ‘Inkigayo’. The reason for canceling the album signing event was due to health problems.

It is known, Haechan was taken to the hospital and received emergency treatment because of pain throughout his back. So, what are the illnesses and conditions of Haechan NCT like? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

Haechan Acute Pain in Back


Photo : Instagram/nctzenarea

According to SM Entertainment on July 22, NCT Dream member Haechan felt acute pain in his shoulder and back after completing the schedule set for the day. Because of that, he was immediately taken to emergency care.

However, pain limited his movement. As it is the weekend, Haechan will be visiting the hospital the following Monday for a thorough analysis and diagnosis.

However, after today’s schedule, Haechan suddenly experienced pain in his shoulder and back. He was immediately taken to the hospital and received treatment, but the pain continued and it was difficult to move.

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