Breaking Arguments About Guys Always Being Prosecuted, Prilly Latuconsina Skamat This Selebgram


Jakarta – The name of the beautiful actress Prilly Latuconsina is suddenly trending on social media Twitter. This stems from his argument about the relationship between men and women.

In one moment, Prilly was able to break the argument of a host who guided the podcast. What are they discussing? Let’s take a peek right away!

Prilly’s argument about men and women in relationships Media

Photo : Media

A Twitter account shares video footage of Prilly Latuconsina being invited to a YouTube podcast. It all started with celebgram Bocoum who was the host saying that nowadays, men are being demanded too much.

Prilly who heard this statement immediately denied it. According to Maxime Bouttier’s ex-girlfriend, all demands occur because maybe men always act as provider.

“Now, for example, if there is a girl with a career and more money, it’s the boy insecure also, still the guy wants to pay for it too. So actually it’s from the nature of the guy too, the guy shows that ‘I’m your provider, OK’, ‘I have to be the head of the household, OK’,” said Prilly, seen from the video clip of the account @EkaMartha_, Saturday, July 15 2023.

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