Bobon Santoso wears BNN prisoner clothes, Pierre Gruno remains happy


Jakarta – IntipSeleb always presents interesting news related to stories about celebrities, from local to foreign. Some articles have quite a lot of readers compared to other articles.

Popular articles that are widely read on IntipSeleb range from Bobon Santoso wearing prison clothes, links to watching movies, to Pierre Gruno who has been named a suspect in the alleged abuse case.

Take a peek at the interesting articles that are widely read on IntipSeleb on Friday, 14 July 2023:

Wearing prison clothes, Bobon Santoso Detained by BNN Bali Province?


Photo : Instagram/bobonsantoso

Shocking news from Bobon Santoso. The chef and YouTuber shared photos and videos wearing orange clothes typical of prisoners.

In fact, Bobon Santoso was seen being detained by the Bali Province National Narcotics Agency (BNN). What is it?

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