Bobby Joseph Gives a Message to Drug Users


PeekSeleb – Artist Bobby Joseph opens his voice regarding his arrest. He was arrested on suspicion of drug abuse.

Related to this, Bobby Joseph also gave a message to his family and people who are still using drugs. What kind of message from Bobby? Here’s the article.

Message Bobby Joseph


Photo: PeepSeleb

South Jakarta Metro Police Narcotics Investigation Unit Head, Kompol Achmad Ardhy conveyed information regarding the arrest of actor Bobby Joseph. He explained the chronology of the arrests of soap opera actresses who were involved in drug cases in 2021.

On Friday night the team made an arrest at BJ’s residence. During the search, synthetic tobacco was found under the mattress. The suspect admitted that the items belonged to the suspect,” said Achmad Ardhy to the media crew.

Bobby Joseph, who was presented on the occasion, apologized to his family and community. He also advised users to stay away from drugs.

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