Blessed with a Third Son, Rizal Armada’s Child’s Name Was Inspired by Muslim Scholars

Jakarta – Vocalist of the Armada music group, Tsandi Rizal Adi Pradana was blessed with a third child named Ghazali Al Farabi Putra Pradana. Apparently, Rizal had a special reason for giving his son’s name.

This was conveyed by him when met by the media crew at Puri Cinere Hospital, where his wife, Monica Imas, gave birth. Check out the full review below.

Armada Rizal

Rizal said his son’s name was taken from two prominent Muslim scholars. Both are Imam Al-Ghazali and Al-Farabi.

“(Name of third child) Ghazali Al Farabi Putra Pradana. We took it from the name of a Muslim scholar,” said Rizal Armada to the media crew at Puri Cinere Hospital, Depok, West Java, on Monday, July 3 2023.

With this name, Rizal has hope for the future of his son. He hoped that his third son would become a scholar who mastered religious knowledge.

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