Birthday, Daughter of the Queen of Dangdut Elvy Sukaesih Loves her Family More

Jakarta – The daughter of the Queen of Indonesian Dangdut, Elvy Sukaesih, namely Wirdha Sylvina, is now in a happy state. The reason is, he is having a birthday, aka getting older.

On her current birthday, Wirdha admits that she has an increased affection for all members of her family, including her husband. Take a peek at the full information below.

Prayer of Princess Elvy Sukaesih


Photo : Instagram/@wirdhasylvina

In his personal Instagram, Wirdha wrote a prayer. It is hoped that it will be written in Arabic but in Latin script.

Bismillah…, Allahumma innii as aluka khairal mas alati wa khairad du’aai wa khairan najaahi wa khairal ‘amali wa khairats tzawaabi wa khairal hayaati wa khairal mamaati tsabbitnii wa tsaqqil mawaaziinii wa haffif iimaanii warfa’ darajaati wa taqabbal shalawaatii waghfir khathii atii wa as alukad darajaatil ‘ul yeah fil jannati. Amen Ya Mujibassa’ilin?“wrote Wirdha as reported by IntipSeleb from his personal Instagram.

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