Being satirized as beautiful after the video, which allegedly went viral, Loly: Really beautiful!


Jakarta – Loly, Nikita Mirzani’s daughter doesn’t seem to care even though a video allegedly of her being heavily drunk in London has gone viral on social media. He is even seen uploading the latest TikTok videos on his Instagram account.

Not only that, he also replied to netizens’ sarcasm about him. Like what? Take a peek in full below.

Loly Allegedly Drunk


Photo : Instagram/lambe_danu

An account shows a girl who is suspected of being Antonio Dedola’s daughter, Loly, who was heavily drunk at a party. he wears mini dresses with one shoulder And high heels black height.

However, Loly could not stand up properly and walked under her best friend, who was suspected to be Edak. Edak himself is a close friend of Loly who is also in London.

Edak supported Loly while walking, but Nikita Mirzani’s daughter seemed to have difficulty and turned around several times. The action became the center of attention of the surrounding environment.

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