Being Evil in Sherina 2’s Adventure, Isyana Sarasvati: After This, There Will Be Many Haters

Jakarta – Isyana Sarasvati is a new cast in the film Adventures of Sherina 2. She plays Ratih, one of the antagonist characters in the film.

The singer even feels confident that the character he plays will get a lot of haters. Let’s take a peek at Isyana Sarasvati’s statement.

About Isyana Sarasvati’s Character


Photo: IST

The poster and trailer for Sherina’s Adventure 2 were officially released on July 21, 2023. In the trailer that was shared, little Sherina turned into a smart and brave journalist.

Meanwhile, Sadam was transformed into a program manager for a conservation NGO in the forests of Kalimantan. There are several new casts shown, one of which is Isyana Sarasvati.

She plays Ratih, the wife of the kidnapping boss in the film Adventures of Sherina 2. In the trailer, the character played by Isyana is described as a bad person.

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