Becoming an Sudden Dangdut Singer, Peek at Ardhito Pramono’s Duet Preparations with Jhony Iskandar

Jakarta – Swinging steering wheel to become an impromptu dangdut singer to appear at the Dangdut Festival’s End, Ardhito Pramono explained his special preparations for a duet with Jhony Iskandar.

This is not the first time performing dangdut songs, Ardhito admits that he likes challenges when learning music and dangdut twists. Is it true? Check out the full details below!

Appearing at UUD Festival Jakarta

Ardhito Pramono

The owner’s full name, Ardhito Rifqi Pramono, was one of the special performers at the Jakarta Constitution Festival. How could it not be, this pop jazz singer, this time was asked to perform a dangdut song and will have a duet with the legendary Jhony Iskandar.

Successfully hypnotizing the audience at the UUD Festival in Ancol, Ardhito Pramono shared his secret preparation for performing optimally.

“The preparation was thorough, and I was listening to Uncle Jhony Iskandar’s song because I’ve always listened to it at festivals and I’ve had the cassette for a long time,” said Ardhito Pramono when met at UUD Festival Jakarta, Sunday, July 2, 2023.

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