Becoming a Cool Perfume Businessman, Pricyla Eva Was Surprised That Many People Copy Her Concoctions


PeekSeleb – Model Pricyla Eva is now starting to enter a new world. She ventured into becoming a business woman by building a perfume business.

Starting from the pandemic a few years ago, this woman of Pakistani descent, who is also a fan of luxury perfume collections, saw a business opportunity. So what was Pricyla Eva’s reaction when she found out that many people copied her perfume concoction? Let’s scroll through the following article.


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Courageous even though it was the first time he entered the business world, the owner of the Instagram account @pricylaeva with 432 thousand followers also launched his own perfume brand called Pinkys Parfume.

“Starting from a fashion hobby and collecting luxury perfumes, it was finally turned into a business and a business opportunity,” said Pricyla Eva to the media crew, Sunday, July 16, 2023.

“Starting a business right at the start of the pandemic, there were no activities at home until finally for fun I thought about producing my own perfume,” he continued.

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