Because of twin clothes, Jimin BTS received a Ken guitar gift from Ryan Gosling


South Korea – Jimin BTS has responded to actor Ryan Gosling’s message. Ever since behind-the-scenes photos from shooting the live-action Barbie movie surfaced online, ARMYs have noticed something familiar about Ken’s outfit.

Canadian actor Ryan Gosling wore the same cowboy style shirt that Jimin wore earlier in the ‘Permission To Dance’ music video. Because of that, according to the ‘Ken code’ in the Barbie movie, if there are the same clothes then she must give Ken’s most valuable item, namely Ken’s guitar.

Now, Jimin has also received Ken’s guitar from Ryan Gosling. What is complete information like? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

Twins Shirt with Ryan Gosling

Now that the Barbie film is finally premiering, Ryan Gosling shared a video message for Jimin via the film’s official social media accounts. He claims that Jimin wore the same shirt first, and must have worn it his best.

Because according to the ‘Ken code’, he must now offer his most prized possession which is Ken’s guitar.

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