Because of myself, no need for clarification


Jakarta – Nathalie Holscher has recently been in the spotlight after deciding to take off her hijab. This decision reaped the pros and cons.

There are some netizens who accuse the accusation of removing the hijab because they are divorced from Sule. Responding to these rumors, Nathalie Holscher opened her voice. Curious? Let’s take a peek!

Nathalie Holscher’s Response to the Reason for Taking Off the Hijab


Photo : Instagram/nathalieholscher

Nathalie Holscher admitted that the decision to take off the hijab and show off her long hair again was due to her own intentions. For him, there is no need for clarification regarding this matter.

“This is because of myself when I open the hijab, there is nothing that needs to be clarified. There is no need for justification, it comes from myself,” said Nathalie Holscher in the South Jakarta area, Sunday, July 23, 2023.

When asked whether Nathalie Holscher opened the hijab due to psychological problems, she denied it. Because it’s already been decided.

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