Be Besties! Here’s the Contents of Denny Caknan’s Message Asking for Blessings to Anji

Jakarta – As we know, Denny Caknan and Anji are two musicians who look very close and often fill out content together. Even Anji was invited to collaborate with Denny to sing the song ‘Mangku Purel’

Ahead of that happy day, Denny Caknan did not forget to tell Anji and ask for his blessings. Like what? take a peek at the following article!

Ask for Blessing Prayer

Ready to go down the aisle with Bella Bonita, the woman of his choice, it turns out that Denny Caknan has already told his closest friends, one of them is Anji.

Even Anji didn’t look surprised anymore, when the singer from Ngawi told him he would get married soon and asked for his blessing. In Anji’s latest post, Denny Caknan appears to be giving short messages and only asking for blessings.

Bang Anji, I want to get married…ask for your blessing,” wrote Denny Caknan’s message, launched Friday, July 7, 2023.

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