Back to Me – The Rose Lyrics, with Indonesian Translation

South Korea – The Rose has returned with new music. On July 21 local time, The Rose released a music video for the song Back to Me.

In particular, the song Back to Me was first performed on the music show Lollapalooza Stockholm. So, what are the lyrics of the song like? Come on, check it out below!

Back to Me Lyrics – The Rose

I could make you mad
I could make you scream
I could make you cry
I could make you leave
I could make you hate me for everything
But i can’t make you come back to me

Calling all day
But i never pick up
Instead i’m pulling my brain
Always pushing my luck
You gave me all that i could take
Took it all for granted
Head up in the clouds.. Yeah
I’ll never understand it
I remember thinking
I don’t need you

But then time passed by
So untrue
The rain over your parade
The reason you’re over me

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