Attracted by Inul for Treatment, Adam Suseno’s Face is Even More Glowing


Jakarta – The couple Inul Daratista and Adam Suseno are increasingly seen as compact in various activities. One of them is related to body and facial care.

Inul said that her husband is now glowing and smoother after being seduced to undergo treatment. What was Adam Suseno’s treatment like? Let’s peek at the story.


Photo : Instagram/@inul.d

Inul Daratista and Adam Suseno also attended the 15th anniversary of Dermapro. At that moment both of them looked compact wearing school uniforms.

Inul also told that recently Adam Suseno also accompanied him to undergo treatment. It started when Adam’s face had problems.

“At first I didn’t want to, I was persuaded,” Inul told the media crew in the Senayan area, Central Jakarta, Saturday, July 15 2023.

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