Attending the Press Conference, Son Seok Gu Unravels the Facts of His Character in Drama DP Season 2

South Korea – The drama DP Season 2 production team has held a press conference. At the event, all the main players attended the event and answered questions from the media.

Son Seok Gu as one of the important players also gave a statement about the drama DP Season 2. What was it like? Come on, check out the details below!

Impressed with the entire cast of DP Season 2


Photo : Netflix

At the DP Season 2 press conference, Son Seok Gu claimed to have watched the first season and discussed the acting of the cast. Son Seok Gu didn’t even hesitate to praise the acting of the players.

“I was impressed by the acting of fellow actors who played their characters well, even though we are all actors,” said Son Seok Gu at the DP Season 2 press conference reported by Daum on Tuesday, August 18, 2023.

“I am moved and reflect on myself while watching my colleagues’ acting. Please look forward to the enthusiastic performances of the actors,” he added.

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