Asked to Ask Loly’s Biological Father for Help After Nikita Mirzani Stopped Paying for Her Schooling: What Should I Do?


Jakarta – Loly and Nikita Mirzani’s relationship has not ended so far. Nyai, as Nikita Mirzani is known, even stopped paying for her school education in London.

One netizen told him to ask Loly’s biological father for help. Then, what’s the answer? Let’s take a peek in full below.

Ask Loly’s biological father for help

Loly, who is now in London, is reportedly in a pretty tense situation. This is because Nikita Mirzani’s first daughter is rumored to be homeless or homeless because her mother no longer receives any fees.

Loly even alluded to Nikita Mirzani as a demon. This was revealed after Nikita Mirzani was divorced by Nikita Mirzani.

One netizen told Loly to ask for help from her biological father, Aizawa. Loly then answered the request.

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