Asked for IDR 9.5 Million, Hasninda Ramadhani Denies Being an Exciting Video Actor

Jakarta – FTV artist, Hasninda Ramadhani has just undergone an examination of a threatening case using an exciting video. He said he was asked about the start of the threat.

“That was yesterday’s summons, the report I submitted regarding threats and extortion. Actually that’s my report. Just explained earlier how you could get the terror, you could get the e-mail,” said Hasninda Ramadhani to the media crew at the West Jakarta Police on Friday, July 21, 2023.

Hasninda also revealed the chronology of her crew receiving threats. Take a peek at the full information below.

Early Chronology


Photo : Instagram/hasninda_r

He said he had been sent messages via Instagram. He also just opened the message after undergoing filming.

“I don’t know either, just finished filming, suddenly I opened DM IG for fun, then suddenly someone got angry, kept telling me to open my e-mail, so I opened it,” he said.

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