Arya Saloka Smiles When Amanda’s name is called, Putri Anne mentions happiness

Jakarta – Arya Saloka smiled and laughed when Denny Sumargo mentioned Amanda’s name which was allegedly directed at Amanda Manopo, in front of him. Moreover, the man who is familiarly called Densu said he wanted to hear Arya’s clarification.

When Arya Saloka was bluntly mentioned about Amanda, Princess Anne actually uploaded an Instagram story about happiness. What’s that? Take a peek at the article!

Arya Saloka Smiling Amanda’s name was alluded to

Arya Saloka, Denny Sumargo

In an award ceremony, Arya Saloka and Denny Sumargo were paired on stage. Meeting Densu, Arya asked about the arrogant basketball player’s activities. Unexpectedly, Densu actually admitted that he was waiting for Arya Saloka to clarify his household relationship. This made Arya smile shyly.

“What are you busy with now Mister Densu?” asked Arya Saloka, quoted from Ola Hitz’s TikTok.
“Busy waiting for you to clarify.” answered Denny Sumargo.
“Oops, please don’t. Not me, there’s something newer.” said Arya Saloka.

It didn’t stop there, Denny Sumargo asked if Arya Saloka still often played basketball with someone. Then, Olivia Allan’s husband mentioned Amanda’s name, which was allegedly Amanda Manopo.

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