Arya Saloka Panic When Denny Sumargo Touches ‘Amanda’, Glenca Chysara’s Expression Becomes the Spotlight

Jakarta – Arya Saloka was caught panicking when Denny Sumargo mentioned Amanda’s name. Even though it wasn’t specific, netizens suspected that the arrogant basketball player’s remark was for Amanda Manopo.

The highlight was Glenca Chysara’s expression. He, who is known to be a friend of Billy Syahputra’s former lover, changed his expression. Like what? Scroll through the article below.

Offend Amanda

Arya Saloka, Denny Sumargo

Arya Saloka, who was previously hit by the issue of divorce from Princess Anne, was present at one of the events. For some time he was silent about his household, he was present at one of the award ceremonies.

Uniquely, when he was on stage with Denny Sumargo, the arrogant basketball player’s remarks immediately became the spotlight. Because, he seemed to be grinning about Arya Saloka’s household relationship.

“What are you busy with now Mister Densu?” asked Arya Saloka.
“Busy waiting for you to clarify.” answered Denny Sumargo.
“Oops, please don’t. Not me, there’s something newer.” said Arya Saloka, quoted from Ola Hitz’s TikTok, Saturday, July 1, 2023.

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